What is a vaginoplasty?

A vaginoplasty is a custom surgery, as every female body is unique. The separated tissues of the vagina will be brought back together surgically to restore a more youthful, firm quality. Unfortunately, overly stretched vaginal tissues reduce the pleasure in intimacy, and the surgery can restore this critical aspect of a close relationship. The surgery takes about two or more hours to complete and will be performed in our private clinic in New York City, where we value discretion, patient safety, and achieving world-class results in vaginoplasty.

Are you a candidate for vaginal rejuvenation with vaginoplasty surgery?

If you are dismayed to be experiencing any of the following symptoms, you may be a good candidate for a vaginoplasty in New York at Alinea Medical Spa in NYC:

  • Loosened vaginal canal
  • Reduced sexual response due to looser tissues
  • Enlarged, loose vagina
  • Incontinence
  • Poorly healed incisions after childbirth
  • You are in good general health and safe to undergo surgery
  • Non-smoker or willing to quit
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How long is the recovery time?

The recovery involves some discomfort for a few days. You will have prescription pain medication to keep you comfortable. The full healing process will require six weeks, and you should feel well enough to return to your usual activities within two to five days. Plan on taking one week off work. You will need to avoid sexual activity for two to four weeks so the area can fully heal.

Benefits of vaginoplasty in NYC

The benefits of a vaginoplasty in NYC include:

  • Restored sexual response due to tighter tissues
  • Can improve urinary incontinence
  • A tighter, firmer vaginal canal
  • Improved self-confidence

A comprehensive approach to vaginal rejuvenation

At Alinea Medical Spa, we offer a range of advanced procedures to help women restore vaginal health. For a full rejuvenation of all tissues, we may recommend you have a more comprehensive treatment, including:

Why choose us?

If you are considering restoring the tightness and health of your vagina, you want results that dramatically improve your quality of life. Dr. Ammar is widely recognized as being among the most talented surgeons for this procedure, and his warmth of character, professionalism, and compassion make him the ideal provider for a custom vaginoplasty. We are patient-centered, dedicated to achieving truly superior outcomes, and do all we can to make your journey pleasant and empowering, with discretion and personal care.

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How long does a vaginoplasty take to perform?

The surgery is customized, but generally takes between one and two hours to complete.

How long is the recovery after a vaginoplasty?

The full restoration of tissues takes about six weeks, but the initial results appear far earlier.

How much does a vaginoplasty cost?

The cost of the surgery will be based on the individual needs of the person. A private consultation will allow us to evaluate your condition and advise you of the cost.

Will I need to be under general anesthesia?

Many patients are under general anesthesia, while some may choose local anesthesia combined with intravenous sedation. We will discuss these concerns with you in our initial consultation.

Will a vaginoplasty lead to a more attractive appearance?

A vaginoplasty can be combined with a labiaplasty or other rejuvenating technique for a more comprehensive restoration of the inner and outer tissues.

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